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Most people’s jewelry boxes are brimming with jewelry. Not only that, but they also have a few broken or old outdated jewelry lying around. If this statement describes you, then you’re sitting on a windfall right now. With the prices of gold almost going through the roof, you can make a windfall by selling the gold jewelry. Essentially, online jewelry business opportunities are endless these days. There are various avenues to sell your gold jewelry. You can sell them to the local jewelry dealer or list them on some of the most popular e-commerce websites online. Before you sell that gold jewelry online, know the following:

1) Get a grip of scrap gold prices to sell jewelry online efficiently

An accustomed gold seller will tell you that the cost of gold jewelry depends upon two things; the value of gold and the artistic value of the jewelry. It’s not uncommon to see people selling jewelry as scrap gold instead of its value as jewelry. Selling jewelry as scrap gold means the final price will be based on the weight and content. Gold experts know that the artistic value of jewelry is substantially higher than the scrap gold value.

2) Ensure you get the best price when you choose to sell jewelry

Deciding to sell your jewelry in a pawn shop can be frustrating. The pawn shop owner will always want to get the lowest price for your jewelry by quoting low prices. They will only try to increase their prices when they realize that you are disinterested in the quoted price. If you can find the best prices for your gold jewelry, sell them online. The good thing about selling jewelry online is that the prices are plastered on the websites. That means that you get to know upfront what they pay for gold jewelry before you do business with them. With the online option, you will get the best prices for your jewelry without having to spend time negotiating.

3) Consider your safety when looking to sell jewelry online and offline

Most jewelry porn shops are located in dangerous neighborhoods. So you’ll have to navigate those dangerous neighborhoods if you want to sell your jewelry. Note that walking with gold jewelry is a risky thing. Selling online could offer the much-needed reprieve from the risk of walking with the gold jewelry to a pawn shop. With the online platform, you get to sell your jewelry in the comfort of your home.

However, you also need to do your due diligence when selling gold online. Some websites are not legit. They may end up scamming you. That’s why you need to check customer testimonials of any website you intend to list your jewelry on. Some sites have numerous complains on the Better Business Bureau. So keep a sharp eye out for such websites. It’s a good idea to sell your jewelry on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.

4) Sell jewelry online on e-commerce platforms that release payments fast

When you decide to sell your jewelry, you will want to receive your payment as soon as it’s sold. Unfortunately, some online gold buyers have longer wait times, which means you’ll have to wait for days, if not weeks to receive your money. Look for online jewelry buyers that effect faster payment. Better yet go for online jewelry buyers that deposit the money in your account the moment your jewelry is sold.


Selling your jewelry online can net you a windfall in a shorter timescale. With that experience, you can start an entirely fledged jewelry business and make decent income each month. You can sell them through other e-commerce platforms or build your website using a cost-effective website template. Who knows; you might just make it big in the near future with this business.

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